WTS Orca pilot for sale 5.5m sp

Selling 2 starter Orca pilots

5b buy out will consider offers

Queen Mez 5.5m sp orca starter
no kill rights positive wallet
is in high sec
npc corp

Eddie Edgeworth EdgebottomSOLD

Confirming i am for sale

3.3b for each toon

4b each and i can transfer right away

I will for one for 5 bil for Edge. sorry for the edits. got names mixed

Hi El_Estragos,

Offer accepted
Send isk to Eddie with account name.

Money sent

also sent a mail with my account name

isk and account name recived, thank you
Transfer will start in 10 hours when your deletion is completed

Is the Queen still available?

Yes i am

5 b for Queen Mez

Accepted herjan send isk and accountn name

Isk sent

Just need account name ingame to this char and i can start transfer

I sent you the Account name

Tranfers started Enjoy you new pilot

looks like it will be done at 9:20 Central

Hi @El_Estragos transfer started enjoy your new pilot

Charakter recieved