{SOLD} WTS Orca hull pilot 5.7mil SP {SOLD}


Located in Jita
Security status 0.1
NPC Corp
4mil ISK
No kill rights
Remap + bonus remap
Cybernetics 5
+5 Memory and Intelligent Implants

5.7mil SP Orca - Purpoise - Mining frigate/barge hull pilot

UPD. 82 activated permanent ship skins some of them is 100mil-1b

4bil offer

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4.5b offer

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5bil offer

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5.25b offer

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5.5B offer

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Daily bump

Offer retracted due to no communication of sale.

Sorry for the long absence. Received offer 5.7b ingame mail. I am waiting for a confirmation

5.5 bill ready

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Made contact in game with Kristine White. Offered 5.7B for the purchase of the toon.

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Bid accepted. ISK and account info please then I can start transfer

Isk and account info for transfer has been sent in game.

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ISK and account name received. Transfer done.

Toon has been received. Thank you very much! Sale can be closed.