WTS - 5.6M SP - Mission Puller "Thukker Mix 8.4, Cali-Navy 5.74

This toon was part of an extraction for another toon, but much of the good still remains. She has strong Leadership skills still intact and great mission pulling power.

She can pull mission from as below
Thukker Mix 8.4 Standings, They a a few level 4 sec agents and 1 level 4 mining in HS which pay well.
Caldari Navy 5.5, so any level 4 or below
Amarr Navy, Level 3 or below
Gallente - Scope at level 3 or below

Here’s her skill link

Notable are
Amarr Hauler V, Gall-Frig V, Amarr-Frig V, Mining Foreman V, Leadership V, Weapon UP V, Energy V,

In an NPC corp, No Kill Rights, Positive Wallet, In Jita 4.4

B/O 4B



Send ISK and Account Information to this character and I will transfer.

isk and ACC info sent

Character transferred.


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