WTS 5.6m SP Scanner/Explorer


  • 1 remap available
  • positive sec status
  • positive wallet

Mix of +4/+5 implants, specced for ship training

Great scanning implants

Cyber V
Archaeology V
Hacking V
Astrometrics V

Plex transfer will be used

b/o: 5.5b

Note: he has quit corp, will update shortly on skillboard

5b b/o

5.1 b


5.5 b/o

accepted, send isk and account info, I’ll prep the ticket @Seddow

Will be home in a hour and half IRL thing just came up will send as soon as home

ISK and username sent

recieved. Support ticket created; http://prntscr.com/ke10io

@Seddow GM says the account you gave me already has 3 characters on it

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