10m SP, Expert Explorer

10m SP Exploration Character (Nearly Maxed Scanning Skills)

  • Positive Wallet
  • 1 Remap Available
  • -0.1 Sec Status
  • 1 Kill Right against character, 11 days remaining.

Level 5 Archeology
Level 5 Hacking
Level 5 Astrometrics
Level 5 Astrometrics Rangefinding
Level 4 / w 4 days till level 5, Astrometric Pinpointing
Level 5 Cybernetics for Virtue Implants,Black Glass Implants etc.

Character has 9.92m SP, Skillboard shows 9.864.

  • Gallente Interceptor Exploration Character with level 5 frigates, ability to quickly inject into a covert ops ship, though interceptor exploration with sub 2 second align and 120 with implants scanning strength is superior in all aspects.



Daily Bump

I offer you 7B. ISK ready.

I’d take 8b right now.

If you are Ok, I’m sending ISK and account info right now, but you will have to wait about 7 hours to initiate the transfers as a character is biomassing on this slot.

Good to you?

Sounds good to me.

Isk recieved waiting on account information from buyer, then initiating transfer in 7 hours.

I xfered the character through CCP, left them a note. I mentioned I was paying with IRL in game, but paycheck has been delayed, so plex payment it was.

Character slot is free.

I did the support ticket about 14 hours ago, shouldn’t be too terribly long. Best of luck with the explorer.

I recommend setting neutrals to flashing yellow or orange, and always having your overview set with the sun, and stay at range 1500m from the Relic/Data cans, and keep the sun highlighted after you start the hack so if you see a flashy person uncloak all you have to do is click warp to, and your gone before they can even target you.

Thanks for the tips :wink:

I heard about tickets not answered by CCP for a whole week. Let’s hope this will be faster!

Please keep me in touch if any news

If it’s not done by the end of the night, I’ll take my plex out and just pay for it via the card. I’ve done this a few dozen times and it’s only been taking about 1 day or less. It could be a bit slower right now. But I will take care of you if it takes too long.

Character received. Thanks a lot!

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