10m SP, Expert Explorer

(Petri Rick) #1

10m SP Exploration Character (Nearly Maxed Scanning Skills)

  • Positive Wallet
  • 1 Remap Available
  • -0.1 Sec Status
  • 1 Kill Right against character, 11 days remaining.

Level 5 Archeology
Level 5 Hacking
Level 5 Astrometrics
Level 5 Astrometrics Rangefinding
Level 4 / w 4 days till level 5, Astrometric Pinpointing
Level 5 Cybernetics for Virtue Implants,Black Glass Implants etc.

Character has 9.92m SP, Skillboard shows 9.864.

  • Gallente Interceptor Exploration Character with level 5 frigates, ability to quickly inject into a covert ops ship, though interceptor exploration with sub 2 second align and 120 with implants scanning strength is superior in all aspects.


(Petri Rick) #2


(Petri Rick) #3

Daily Bump

(Koudetrik) #4

I offer you 7B. ISK ready.

(Petri Rick) #5

I’d take 8b right now.

(Koudetrik) #6

If you are Ok, I’m sending ISK and account info right now, but you will have to wait about 7 hours to initiate the transfers as a character is biomassing on this slot.

Good to you?

(Petri Rick) #7

Sounds good to me.

(Petri Rick) #8

Isk recieved waiting on account information from buyer, then initiating transfer in 7 hours.

(Petri Rick) #9

I xfered the character through CCP, left them a note. I mentioned I was paying with IRL in game, but paycheck has been delayed, so plex payment it was.

(Koudetrik) #10

Character slot is free.

(Petri Rick) #11

I did the support ticket about 14 hours ago, shouldn’t be too terribly long. Best of luck with the explorer.

I recommend setting neutrals to flashing yellow or orange, and always having your overview set with the sun, and stay at range 1500m from the Relic/Data cans, and keep the sun highlighted after you start the hack so if you see a flashy person uncloak all you have to do is click warp to, and your gone before they can even target you.

(Koudetrik) #12

Thanks for the tips :wink:

I heard about tickets not answered by CCP for a whole week. Let’s hope this will be faster!

Please keep me in touch if any news

(Petri Rick) #13

If it’s not done by the end of the night, I’ll take my plex out and just pay for it via the card. I’ve done this a few dozen times and it’s only been taking about 1 day or less. It could be a bit slower right now. But I will take care of you if it takes too long.

(Koudetrik) #14

Character received. Thanks a lot!

(system) #15

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