WTS 64m Focused Stratios/T3 Cruiser/Explorer/PvP


All CCP rules apply. Character is in Jita, positive wallet, no kill rights, etc.

Selling off a Focused Stratios explorer pilot with access to T3 cruisers and interceptors. Great PvPer and ready to go in any direction you want to take it next. Includes 4.3m in unallocated SP.

90 of the 132 skills on this character are at Level V with many of the rest at Level IV. Currently training Missile skills to hop into a Tengu, which is a couple months away if the unallocated SP is spent. I tend to hold onto my unallocated SP for harder to train skills or when I need something I overlooked.

Has 2 jump clones, one with a +5 learning set and one with a mid-grade Ascendancy set.

Not exactly looking to sell for extractor value. If I wanted to do that I’d just do it myself.

B/O 40b

I can offer 32B

No thank you. As I stated in my original post: not interested in selling for just extract costs. If I wanted to do that, i’d just do it myself.

offer 40B

Sure, send isk and your account name and i’ll get it going.

Are you ready to accept my offer ? bro

I did accept your offer. Just waiting on Isk and the account name.

Please check your email

Character still for sale I think. Pretty persistent messages from PLA666 and then nothing so not sure what’s going on. Until I receive the ISK we are still available.

Still for sale

Daily bump

Offer 40B

Sounds good, send the isk and an email with the account you want the character on and i’ll get it rolling!

isk and account sent

Received and I submitted a ticket to CCP to start the transfer using plex. That was possible the last time I did a character transfer, so hopefully it still is. If they say no i’ll just submit the transfer with USD.

Enjoy the character!

Last I heard that stopped in Feb 2020 Character Transfers for PLEX

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