Selling this pilot lady,All CCP rules apply,No kill right,Pos isk,pos sec status.In Jita

Buyout 38Bil

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38b, please keep her and I will transfer to you soon.,


Still waiting,are you interested?..bump

I am sorry, I am trying to sell out my plex, please be wait for a short time.Thanks…

I really want your role!

hI, I try to sell out my plex, but the quantity is too large, so can I transfer to you with PLEX? Use the price with ((min sellers price+ max buyers price)/2) Please reply fo me, if can’t, I will sell out my plex with the buyers price and transfer the isk to you tomorrow…

Hi,i think chars can be sell only for isk…so isk

isk has transferred, please check out. And transfer the role for me. (account number is mail for you in game…)

isk and acc.name received .I begin transfer asap

Character Transfer Initiated.Enjoy the char.

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