5.297m SP for sale

Located in Hi-Sec
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
Located in Jita
I am selling my self… https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Luna_Adoudel

Plex will be used for transfer…

Bid 3.5 b for Luna

3.7b and its yours right now

Deal, I can send isk and acct info to Luna

ready when u are

Isk sent with acct info in Reason box

isk recieved starting transfer

isk has been returned as i would need to plex transfer thru ccp … sorry for misunderstanding … finances online wont be ready till tommorow and plex would be option for me… thank you for your interest i will update ad to reflect this

ok, np

character is still for sale for a buyer willing to plex transfer thru ccp

plex tranfers in the past weeks for me at least have been processed in less than 2 hours, which is by far faster then the 10 hour wait for the $$. That being said you are responsible to cover the cost of the 1k plex with the isk you get for the sale.

i failed to acknowledge for first buyer he thought it was str8 transfer so i edited the post… i previously sold plex transfer on a few hours ago w/ no hiccups buy it brock u know u want to

I’ll do 3.5B if still available.

yes it is offer is accepted is still lined up send isk when ready and i will start

@Luna_Adoudel will transfer isk + account details in a couple of hours. On mobile atm

ok ready when u are

@Luna_Adoudel ISK + Account info sent

isk recieved starting now

transfer support ticket has been submitted thank you very much

Confirmed received toon. Thanks again for the business :slight_smile: