Character transfer payment method

Returning to the game -
Trying to sell character(s) to raise liquid funds for play from the 3 remaining characters.
I have not enough isk in wallets to pay for the plex required to transfer.
Can I sell the character, receive isk, buy plex then transfer character?

edit: wait, it’s cash only now?

edit: player base dying? demand was way more than supply when I left. sales thread seems to linger now. has all the info on payment options and how to set them up

Yes, so long as its within a reasonable timeframe.

No, you can still use plex. But it needs to be manually transferred by a GM so it takes longer than cash.

There has been a larger supply now that multiple skill farming accounts have fluctuated with regards to profitability. Increased supply without an increase in demand equals longer lingering threads.

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