Just a quick question about character transfer 🤨

Since CCP removed the option to pay for character transfer by PLEX I wounder if there is any other way to pay for it other then in your account management with real currency. I don’t know why CCP removed the option to pay with PLEX… maybe someone can tell me why?

if I had to guess I would say it’s probably because paying with PLEX does not necessarily pays the wage of the employee who moves the character manually… but why not make an option for the seller to let the person who buy the character pay for it at a reduced price?

for example if character cost 5b isk… then sell it for 3.7b isk and the buyer has to pay for the transfer with real life currency…

or perhaps 1-2 times a year you allowed to pay with PLEX yourself but any more then that you have to pay with real life currency…

it would be nice to have this option… anyone any thoughts on this?

many thanks

There is no other way outside the user of real money in the account section of the website. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

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The seller paying the fee is a security measure on CCP’s part, and a source of income for CCP; it is a stable fee (it doesn’t go on sale like PLEX does) and it requires a valid payment device associated with the seller’s account to complete the transaction.

Generally, character sales price in that real-money cost as equivalent isk for the PLEX the seller could have otherwise obtained for the character transfer fee.

If you don’t want to give CCP more money, you can always strip the SP from the character instead and sell that for isk or PLEX or anything else you want.

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