10m SP CovOps/Scanner

(5evered 5oul) #1


Very effective character for scanning down wormholes and enemy ships. Also has some skills for passive isk in the from of PI.

Will be in Jita 4-4.

Don’t think I’ll let her for for less than 5b, but I’m looking to see what I can get.

(Deeep Diver) #2

5 bill ,isk ready .

(5evered 5oul) #3

No contact from buyer. Rejecting offer.

(TxivYawg1) #4

4bil if the previous offer is fake… online and isk ready to go

(5evered 5oul) #5

Daily bump.

(5evered 5oul) #6

Daily bump.

(Posrane) #7


(5evered 5oul) #8

I will accept this offer from Posrane.

(Posrane) #9

I have work for 8 hours then ill send you isk

(Posrane) #10

isk and account info sent

(5evered 5oul) #11

Working on this now.

(system) #12

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