WTS/A CovOps/Scanner 8.9M pilot

(Ruka Sudbine) #1


Parked in Jita, no outstanding debts or arguments with anyone, makes a mean espresso. For IG discussion feel free to message Andros Korkyrates. I’d like to get at least 5B ISK.

(Ruka Sudbine) #2


(Elisha Valor) #3

Very fair value for the character, keep at it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If I didn’t have my own I’d easily snatch this up with it’s skills and recoup the money in just a few weeks of exploration.

(Ruka Sudbine) #4


(Guuyy LeDouche) #5

offer 4.5bil as scanning skills leave a little to be desired for a toon advertised as a Scanner,

Isk is ready to go

(Ruka Sudbine) #6


(Ruka Sudbine) #7


And grind.

(Ruka Sudbine) #8


(Panizia) #9

4 bil

(Madison Breese) #10


(Ruka Sudbine) #11

Bump as Madison’s 5b bid was retracted.

(Ruka Sudbine) #13

Sold to Wolkec Prinasalec, transfer pending payment.

(Ruka Sudbine) #14

Received payment and transfer details, transferring character now. Thank you for your business!

(system) #15

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