32.5 Million SP covops (full scanning skills) & inty pilot


  • Trained up cyno 5 as well, if you want to get him into cruisers for recons
  • +4 implants (all except charisma)
  • Other implants: AP-606 and AR-806 to boost scanning; EM-705 for ship agility
  • Regular neural remap available
  • 2 bonus neural remaps available
  • No kill rights
  • Positive wallet
  • 0 sec status
  • Resting comfortably in jita 4-4

Will start considering offers over 25bn

21B isk ready

Giving it the 'ol daily bump. o/

I offer 22B

25b isk ready

I was looking for an offer around 27, but if nobody comes up with one in the next day, he’s yours for 25.

Hey there, he’s all yours. ISK to this character. Shoot me an evemail with the destination account.

FYI, I’ll be heading out for a bit IRL, so no rush.

Isk and account details sent.

ISK received, transfer initiated. Enjoy!

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