WTS 13m SP RELIC/SCAN + Exploration/Sabre Pilot!


Near perfect scanning skills
Scan implants in clone
Sabre ready and other useful skills trained little wasted
No killrights
Pos wallet and remap
Locate highsec

Is yours for 12B

Trans via ccp

Bump! Toon pays for itself with excellent relic, exploration skillsets and implants to make it faster! Check it out

10b offered

11 and we can end it … ty for offer

I cant do 11b. 10b is my highest offer.

ok i will consider that offer. I am at work next few hours if nobody does 11b ill accept then and post here

his offer beats mine o7

i didnt see one from you :wink: ? if buying for actual use as a pilot … hes very much worth the isk as those scanning skills suck to inject hehe

10.5bil right now, can transfer

I’ll offer the 11 b/o

Accepted awaiting isk and account info

Wanted to bid also. damn. what type of transfer will be used?

Stated at bottom of post … Make ur bid in case this fall through

Ok, i’ll bid 11 also if previous offer falls trough then.

Noted ty

11.1 if it falls through (active right now to transfer)

ISK and details sent.

K will start soon … Omw home

Havn’t received any confirmation yet.

Could you please tell me when you gonna init the transfer?

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