WTS HK alt 11.5m sp

soon to be sabre pilot
Cyno 5
no corp history
positive wallet

2 bonus remaps
remap avail now
make offer

follows all ccp rules etc etc
please only post here with offers as i may not be checking the chars mail very often

7 bil

8b offered

Ill do 8.5.

daily bump

9b offered

9.5b b/o

edit: offered 10b and sent you an evemail

10b offered

11 and its yours

gotta save some for the fitting man. im on a budget haha

alright alright lol

10b offer from ulyss ernaga accepted send isk and account info

im doing it through plex but i will let you know when it is started

do you want it to this character?

yes please

Isk sent

isk and account info recieved

writing ticket for xfer via plex

Dude… i offered you 10b ISK 3H ago

not that i had seen?

check the forum and your evemail

the forum didnt say it until just now lol and like i said in my post i dont check the mail

that was edited over 3 hrs ago… right after i sent the evemail timestamps show all.