7.5m SP perfect scanner


  • Located in Hi-Sec
  • No kill rights for or against
  • Positive wallet
  • No negative sec status
  • Clean killboard (died to 1 npc at a ghost site)
  • 0 corp history
    -Perfect scanning skills (except for survey)
    -fly’s the Astero / perfect for diving and exploring wormholes / a great starter pilot for wormholes

1,5B ?

looking for 3

2.5B and i pay fast

3b offert

accepted send isk and acc name

3.5B offer

I’m going to match the offer of 3.5. now I send the isk. Start the transfer in the morning so I have time to biomass a character

4B offer

I have leo’s 3.5b right now if you send the 4b in 5 minutes i’ll return his and initiate the transfer for you. If not i’ll move fwd with leo’s offer

I will

4.2b offert

ISK and acc name sent

I accept your 4.2 offer and will refund war5a4e’s 4b. I Am also closing bidding down at this point because this is getting messy

isk and accoutn send.

4.5B offer

isk and account info received and will start the transfer in aprox. 9 hours as agreed

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Just went to initiate transfer but it says you have too many characters (no problem) just make sure when the biomass time window is complete that you finalize the deletion by clicking the X to clear the char :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trying every hour or two until it goes through

done. you can transfer now.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

It says it will be completed after 9/6/2023 12:08:45 AM - I remember it only taking 10 hours, I don’t know if the process is longer now or what but hopefully it comes sooner!

Transfer initiated, thanks again and enjoy!

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