SOLD - Miner/Indy/Science/Trade - 24.2mil

Looking to sell myself.

Remaps - 2
388,500 Unallocated SP
+3/4 Implants (+3% Mining)
0 In Wallet
Roles being dropped, Will be in NPC in <24 hours

Starting Bid - 16b

Now in NPC Corp

Daily Bump


14.5b offer

hey suni, im sorry i couldnt find the post but wanted to say thank you and the transfer was successful from 3 days ago

No worries, Thanks

(To be clear to others, it’s not this character :slight_smile: )

when this finish ?

No time soon with current offers



I mean 1m sp : 0.6b is fair enough, isk on hand

Hey Dude,

So I’ll explain it so it’s nice and clear.

If you would like to create a toon and inject it to the skills of this toon that’s going to cost you - 37.5b
If you would like to create a toon and train it yourself to this level it’s going to cost you - 17b (and almost a year in training)

So the Toons price range is 17-37.5b

In fact your 14.5bil offer is only 1b more than what I would get by extracting the toon myself and selling the Injectors

Acceptable starting bid is now 17b

Good morning!

I’d like to make an 18.0b ISK offer. ISK in hand.

I’ll need about 9 hours to biomass an existing placeholder toon.



Great offer. We’ll use your biomass time as a auction cool down.

If by the time you have the space no one else has made a bid then I will accept your offer.

Drop a message here when you’re ready with a space :slight_smile:

Alright…biomass queue cleared. ISK ready. Online now.

Me too, Send ISK and account name in a mail and I’ll do the transfer. drop a reply here too so I know :slight_smile:

Hi there!

ISK now sent. Evemail sent with account details.



We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Suki Chi

Will be completed after: 4/21/2022 5:54:21 AM

Enjoy your new character

Quick question…where is the character parked? Just trying to plan ahead.