(Character Found)

Building up my farm a little bigger. Offering 850 isk per skill point.
Therefore 5 Million Skillpoints x 850 Isk = 4,250,000,000 isk

Cybernetics and biology V are a plus. PI and mining skills are also desired.

Discord:: https://discord.gg/5GEPXkG
Join discord for fastest response if I am not in-game so I can log in.
All CCP Terms Apply


4.6bn 1 remap availiable



Please verify positive wallet balance, kill right status and jump clone in high sec(preferably jita 4-4). I agree on the price.


4.25 bil

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Callista_Jayati ?

I’ll strip her down to 6.1mill and clean her stuff up (leave her corp, get stuff moved etc), let me know your offer.

@Callista Jayati
5 bil at 6 mil sp.
9.2 bil at current sp

http://eveboard.com/pilot/ProjecT_Tiranus 2remaps


can i get an invite to your discord

@One Epic Pornstache 4.25 bil


any reply on me? http://eveboard.com/pilot/ProjecT_Tiranus

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sulphuric pass

no kr, in amarr, positive wallet.


@ProjecT Tiranus
I replied above. buy 4.25 bil

@Sulphuric I accept, isk and account info sent.

All good, ISK received, transfer started

Thanks again

Still interested?

Stripped her down to 5.1mill now.

The above API is not accurate, despite my attempts to fix it, however the below is.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Callista_Jayati (I am looking for roughly 4.5bill)

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Glad my site was correct :sunglasses:

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