WTB | Female Characters born between 2003 and 2013


I am looking for female Characters that were born between 2003 and 2013 with a low amount of Skillpoints. The Characters can be stripped, used or untouched.

Please send me your Offers via Mail or leave them below, thanks!

PS: Since I will be using the Characters (instead of Reselling them or something like that) I will be a bit picky regarding the name :slight_smile:

Still looking

im for sale

me too

and I

2008 female bonus 2.499m unallocated to get you started.

Thanks for all your kind Offers so far! Unfortunately the Names do not suit me that well. Nevertheless I appreciate your Posts :slight_smile:

Still looking

What are you looking for in types of names? I have a couple of real obnoxious, mildly degrading, 2013 female characters kicking around. As well as a pretty eve canned name.

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Well thats kinda hard to tell, tbh. :sweat_smile: It’s like I need to see it and like it at first glance. But mostly I am interested in Characters who rather have a cute or exotic name.

I have someone like that, however she was born last year :smiley:


how about my alt 2007 no corp history


myself 2010 only one corp inactive alt linky

this is me this is me

1.4mill sp 2008 only 1 corp in history

@Lekknaat How much are you looking for?

@Jha_Dur In Case she owns around 5m Skillpoints let me know her name, please :slight_smile:

Of course.

Here is her information :slight_smile:

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Callista_Jayati (skill points are not accurate, since I pulled 5mill, so she has 11.1 mill and is ready to fly all stealth bombers ;), also if it asks for p/w it should be either 123 or 1234)

@Anna_Freel I guess I’ll leave it up to @Aivolen_Kera, hope she treats your Girl well!

@Jha_Dur I am kinda interested in her but you would get more ISK in this Thread than I am willing to offer. So I dont want to bother you with a “Lowball” :slight_smile: Thanks for posting anyways, I appreciated it a lot!

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Go for it, I just got into work so I won’t be able to transfer isk for 8 hours orso but if you could put up a new thread with an eveboard and the correct information I’ll offer there.

@Ria_Aquirez thanks for the honesty :slight_smile: I might just go ahead and open her own post. GL with your endeavor.

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