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Currently entertaining offers for this character. (pass if needed is either 123 or 1234)

Set for Per/Wis right now.
11.1m SP.
Security standing 0.0
Positive Wallet.
Current location: Hek or at least once done, that’s where she will be.
No kill rights.
2 available remaps.
Basic Implants and some for weapon skills.
No jump clones.
Done some FW with her, so does have a slightly negative zkillboard score.
Currently in FW Corp, however will be going back to NPC corp (this is also the only non NPC corp she has been in)

Minimum bid 9.5bill.

Considering all serious offers. All CCP rules apply.

7.0 bill

Thanks for the offer, however there is a thread offering 850 per SP (I know I did not put anything, I will now) and that would be minimum 9.5 Bill :slight_smile:

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i will go up to 8.5b, at the very least that will get the ball rolling for ya

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Morning bump!

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