Looking a scanning character, astrometrics and scan supports ideally to 5.

Dictor and PI skills are good bonuses.
Reactions/mining/gas also a plus.

Le bump

Still SCANNING for the right toon!

Got probes?

Still searching

what do you think about one of my toon ?

Skills are a mess but there are a couple nuggets in there. How’s 15

Hello, are you still selling this character? I’m interested in him if him if your haven’t already sold

yes i know, was my first character… 15b its a little bit too just for me because i have to pay the transfer :frowning:

hello, welcome.

still on the market sir !

Can you dm me on discord? I can’t seem to message privately here, im interested.

It’s: hawke4765

Still looking for a good prober!

Le boomp

Scanning the audience for a covert ops

System scanning

Good EVEning ! Selling myself

Looking for that perfect probe. Scanning, gas and PI. Who’s for sale???

Not bad… how’s 5b

The going rate for sp seems to be .75b to 1b per 1m sp. The injector price is like 18b i think. Actually the transfer fee seems to be 20$ still, and I would rather buy plex with that for a pure profit of 5b? I like kinda skilled the alt with the idea of it being sellable, but surely then the fee wasn’t always there?