WTS 5.9M SP Starter Miner

(Anglar Husk) #1

-Located in Jita
-In NPC corp
-Has 5,929,453 SP
-Remap available
-Full set of basic implants

-Starting bid: 3B
-B/O: 6B


(Kentaro Tsukaya) #2

offering 3.5b

(Anglar Husk) #3

Bid accepted. Character will be sold within 24 hours if no further bids.

(Anglar Husk) #4

Okay. There have been no more bids. Character is yours if you want it.

(Daniel Hastari) #5

3.6 Bil

(Kentaro Tsukaya) #6

yep, I’ll take it.

edit: ISK sent.

(Daniel Hastari) #7

well played sir

(Daniel Hastari) #8

not even waiting for his response

(Kentaro Tsukaya) #9

Please respond that you’ve started transfer within the next 24 hours or my bid is withdrawn. Thank you.

(Anglar Husk) #10

Sorry gotta little busy. Transfer now in progress. Thanks!

(Kentaro Tsukaya) #11

Character received. Thanks!

(system) #12

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