WTS 5 mil SP Char

(Laco Karolovic) #1

Date of Birth 2011-07-31
Skill points 5,227,798
2 remaps avaliable
Located in Jita
4 Standard Implants
Good for PVE and PVP
No kill right

(Elestor Kansene) #2


starting at ?

(Laco Karolovic) #3

start with 4 bil

(Elestor Kansene) #4


since no one is answering i can offer you 3.5 bil now.
I know it s lower than ur starter but i m giving it a try.

(Laco Karolovic) #5

i think 4 bil is good price. I’ll prefer to stay on 4 bil. thanks for your offer. pls reconsider it.

(Elestor Kansene) #6

Reconsidering it,

do you take in charge the transfer ?

If so i am taking it now :slight_smile:

(Laco Karolovic) #7

Still for sale for 4 bil.

(system) #8

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