WTS 5 million SP starter toon (PRIVATE)

above the skills.

This guy from NPC Corp docked at Jita 4-4 and has:

  1. 1 ISK positive wallet balance
  2. No killrights
  3. No jump clones
  4. full +5 implant set
  5. 2 neural remaps available


Private sale to Kamul Easterling for 4,5 billion ISK.
Seller pays transfer fee

Buying 2morow ty!

With my Alt Karmissa
Buying right now if possible

with this toon/account im buying

ready to receive ISk from Karissa

money sent from Karmissa

4,5B received, starting the process of transferring toon to Karmissa.

Character transferred to Karmissa toon. 10 Hour cooldown. Thank you for great business !

I have removed the Accountname from your post. Please do not post Private informations in a public Forum in the Future.

yep my bad. sorry for that.

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