WTS 50msp perfect rorqual and perfect naglfar pilot


locate in perimeter, 0.8 security state, with a full set +4 implant, no kill right, no jump clone and positive wallet. And one bonus remap availabe

full gunnery assistant skills for projectile turret.
can drive exhumer and mine mercoxit with crystals.
max yield rorqual
t2 siege t2 turret dreadV

50b buy out

bump it

36 B Isk

38 BO , offer stands for 24 hours


40 B Isk is ready only today

Michael Gogolowski your price accepted

40 B Isk sent.
I sent an in-game email with the name of the account to transfer character.
Please remember that only the cash transfer is carried out efficiently - the transfer for Plex sometimes takes many days and I do not agree.
Confirm please start transfer.

isk received and transfer initiated

cash transfer

Thank you for the quick transaction completed successfully.

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