WTS 51Mil SP Science/Indy Isk Printer

Eveboard Linky > http://eveboard.com/pilot/Athena_Alea

Can invent, build and sell just about everything.
Looking for a quick sale, absolutely no lowballs or she’ll go in the shredder.

Positive wallet etc.
Located in Jita.
All rules followed.

Starting bid 35 bil

You have 9,980,007 SP… I can create a new character Alpha and get to 5M SP in no time…
If you read the other post… 2 Characters created in 2003 together sold for 17B… Be realistic…

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reporting myself, because no flag space, please close the thread, necro.

For the record, you can flag topics. You don’t need to post a reply and flag that to get the information to us. When anything from the character bazaar gets reported, we will look into it and find the error.