WTS 52m SP PvP recon/logi character

Subcapital PvP character with plethora of other useful skills.

  • Logistics cruisers V
  • Recon cruisers V
  • Covert Cyno V
  • Good stealth bomber pilot
  • Decent Gunnery + Missile skills
  • All racial cruisers V
  • Able to use caldari command battlecruiser with shield / info / skirmish burst specialist at IV.

No player corp history
Positive wallet
NPC station
No killrights
Sec status -1.0

Starting bid: 32bil

Sohyun’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

32B offer


34b offer

Offering 35b


Thanks for the offers.

When does this auction end?

37 billion

41B buyout, available until 4:30PM CST.

accepted the above offer, waiting for the ISK and account information

Isk and account information sent in game mail.

Transfer has begun, set to finish at:

Will be completed after 1/28/2023 1:38:43 AM (so 10 hours from now).,


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Thanks! Take care

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