WTS 53mil Nyx and Hel toon + Phoenix dread alt, T1 mino


202 mil in wallet
No kill rights
.5 sec status
net worth 18 bil

Location + Home station- Emrayur
No JCs

Interstellar skin for Hel

starting bid 48 bil

51 bil


Will hold for 24hrs from bid, or next bid.

57 bil


Offer Rescinded - #freebump

Apologize been away on travel. Open to transfer now if offer still valid

Is offer still available?

To clairify this is for two characters correct?

Same toon can fly the listed ships. Breakdown of toons skills within link

Gotya. I can do 57.5b once i get home from work. (Approx 5 hours or so)

Alrighty can message ing

Is my offer accepted?

Yep Sold

Isk and account sent

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