WTS 54.4M SP Focused & Near Perfect Aeon / Archon Pilot

50B Offer accepted. Please send account details and isk and I will begin the character xfer!


Within 24 hours, I will send you the account details and 50B isk that need to be transferred to your forum account Shmuel Astucius

Great. Thank you, I will post here once I receive it and have initiated transfer.

I have sent it, Please check the mailbox.

I have sent account information, and 50B isk, to your forum account Shmuel Astucius, please check your email and according to the account information I sent. Start the transfer

Isk received. Character transfer initiated.

Good luck, he’s a great pilot!

thanks! good luck to you~~ happy every day :slight_smile:

OK,I have received this delicious account. Thank you very much, good luck to you :slight_smile:

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