WTS 55mil SP Falcon, HIC, scout, cyno alt

Positive wallet, 5.0 sec status, no kill rights, 1 empty jc in null, 2 in jita and 1 low 1 highsec, bunch of stat implants, nothing worth meantioning.

Character itself is in lowsec station in a Hound with a cloak on it.

50b buyout but open to offers.

will get you started with 32 bil

36b offer

40b offer

Getting there, give it a day or so if no better offers then we have a deal tomorrow.

41b offer

42b offer . isk ready.

43b offer

Selling in 5-6 hours when I get home from work, say 13:00 server time

Can I send an isk now? Or you can wait until 13:00 server time

Can send isk now, just got home so preparing for transfer after I have eaten first

isk and acc info sent

Transfer on the way, thank you.