WTS 56M Erebus Pilot

(FinalRequiem) #1


Gallente Titan V
Doomsday Operation/Rapid Firing V
Armor comps/rigging V
Capital Hybrid Turret V

Full HG Slave Set

+5 Training Set

Skins Unlocked

Starting Bid 50b

Buyout 65b

(fred Uanid) #2

55b b/o

(Gusa Paaltomo) #3


(FinalRequiem) #4


(Mikassa Yu) #5

wait for u reply

(FinalRequiem) #6

Mikassa Yu is the highest bidder at 60b, will let auction run a little longer. BO also added of 65b

(Mikassa Yu) #7

If you can deal with it now,

I can set 63b B/o

(FinalRequiem) #8

Offer Accepted, Please send isk and account name

(Mikassa Yu) #9

I will send ISK in 24h,
Because I need to sell some of the assets for ISK

(Mikassa Yu) #10

ISK and Target account has been send.

(FinalRequiem) #11

Isk and account name received. Transfer initiated.

(Mikassa Yu) #12

The transfer has been completed.
Thank you for your generosity.
have a good life

(system) #13

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