WTS 56M Erebus Pilot


Gallente Titan V
Doomsday Operation/Rapid Firing V
Armor comps/rigging V
Capital Hybrid Turret V

Full HG Slave Set

+5 Training Set

Skins Unlocked

Starting Bid 50b

Buyout 65b

55b b/o



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wait for u reply

Mikassa Yu is the highest bidder at 60b, will let auction run a little longer. BO also added of 65b

If you can deal with it now,

I can set 63b B/o

Offer Accepted, Please send isk and account name

I will send ISK in 24h,
Because I need to sell some of the assets for ISK

ISK and Target account has been send.

Isk and account name received. Transfer initiated.

The transfer has been completed.
Thank you for your generosity.
have a good life

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