WTS 5m Farm/PI Character +5's INT/MEM + 1 bonus Remaps

As above WTS Me,

5m+ SP
Biology V, Cybernetics V
Full set of +5’s
1 bonus remap and 1 remap 6 months from now
Great PI skills
Zero ISK in wallet.
Zero bounty.
Zero kill rights.
Located in hisec
In NPC Corp ready to go


4b straight up buy out. No Bids

Anything less than the B/O is taken as a free bump and wont get a reply. TIA.
Post B/O confirmation in thread here and Send Isk to character and evemail account name for transfer

3.5b b/o … best i can do

back to the top - ready for a new home.

4b b/o will send isk around 20.00 evetime

Accepted. Evemail ac name as well please and will start the transfer.

isk and account name sent

isk recieved - transfer under way.

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