WTS 5m SP extracted - Drone/Cruiser focus - great for ratting


-no KRs
-positive ISK
-3 jump clones, 1 in null, 1 attribute implanted, 1 empty
-main clone fully implanted inc. Ogdin’s and Imperial Navy “Noble”
-ratting VNI fully fitted in Provi
-strong drone skills
-strong core skills
-great standings, former mission runner
-many injected skills including Marauders, save ISK on books
-located in HS, Niyabainen
-Eve-appraiser: Appraisal:7,102,686,148

8b buyout, start bids at 6b

Can this character do level 5 missions? and if so, what faction?

Not quite. Amarr Navy is closest at 6.09.

Not interested then, sorry :frowning:

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