[WTS] 5m sp miner [Sold]

Selling myself; http://eveboard.com/pilot/DarkWanderer

Kicker: Toon is from 2003. Yeah. 14 years old.

Current corp is Viziam, has SP in mining barges, processing, and engineering fields.
No Skins/Assets/Items/Isk. Blank toon.
No kill rights (that I’m aware of, and yes I looked)
Current sec status is 1.4
One jump clone in high sec with +5s and some gunnery implants. Mostly +6s, used to be used for incurions.
Current location is jita 4-4, also has +5’s. Remap available.

Looking for 5bil, or best offer inside of that for 48 hours. All CCP rules apply.

4 billion.

Do at least 5, and if no one ups you, I’ll take it.

You know what? Fair enough.

5B it is.

Accepted. If no one offers a better offer in 48 hours, you win.

Due to unrelated reasons, I no longer have to isk to fulfill this purchase.

My bid is withdrawn. Hope you find another. The skillbooks you have injected are worth a lot of isk, as are you implants.

No worries! Best of luck to you.


Still available.

5 bil ready

Offer raised to 6b; if no one offers a higher bid within 48h it will be accepted.

6 billion isk as confirm ingame, please confirm the deal.

Deal confirmed via forums and in game mail.

Account information and 6 billion isk sent for transfer of DarkWanderer to my account.

information and isk received.

During transfer attempt, after clicking “Next”, screen skips billing information input and goes to this; https://gyazo.com/1f48a2e2d6f2bd9290eee3e6be1b382d

I have reached out to support to resolve this issue, and mailed Fried in game with what’s going on, as well as recommending him to reach out to support as well to resolve this issue.

I have received the automated response from CCP stating they have received my ticket. I will update as soon as they get in contact with me.

Support recommended utilizing an alternate browser than Chrome, which worked. Transfer initiated.

Trade complete.

Character arrived, thanks for trade.

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