WTS 2004 fantastic exhumer miner/refiner, 19.9m SP


Great miner, has some minor core skills that need work, not much training at all though. 42k unallocated. Bonus remap avail + normal remap, full set +4s has a start on PI skills. Almost no combat skills.

Caldari BS V, Adv. Spaceship command V
No Kill rights,
No jumpclones.
Positive wallet.

Located in highsec. Good offers please.

hit me up on discord for faster response, Obsolete Design#2121

rough Price?

I’d entertain 17B+, based on looking at other people’s characters they’re selling. There was a 13.3m sp freighter pilot going for 16b B/o, so around 17-20B would be nice, I think.


17 B for 24 h

If the offer’s still open, I’ll take it.

ok, who send the isk?

Send to shadowcolt please pm me your acct name as well.

Money is send. The Account-Name is Kevin-Garvey

Beginning transfer momentarily, will be done with plex, so will be petitioning CCP for it, I believe.

CCP petitioned, isk received, waiting on CCP to begin transfer.

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Transfer begun via real money, CCP took too long to respond.

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