WTS: ~ 5m SP Minmatar Starter Char

(Muetta) #1

I am looking for a new sugar daddy/auntie:

  • My skills (Password: 69)

  • Simple / Good name

  • Very willing to my new master :heart_eyes:

  • Remap available

  • 2 Bonus remaps

  • Char is in Jita

  • Positive wallet

  • Transfer will be paid by me

Start: 4b
B/O: Make me a nice offer

(Soulis Sectar) #2

4b B/O Isk Ready

(TheBank Manager) #3

4.2 b for each of your 5m sp chars - ill buy em all

(Muetta) #4

Spoke with TM:

4.3 B/O Accepted, please confirm and senf the isk and info.

(TheBank Manager) #5

isk and info sends

(Muetta) #6

ISK received.

Petition created for transfering char.

(system) #7

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