WTS 5M sp Pilot

(Laco Karolovic) #1

Date of Birth 2011-07-31
Skill points 5,227,798
2 remaps avaliable
Located in Jita
4 Standard Implants
Good for PVE and PVP
No kill right

(Bobby Bloodsworth) #2

hey, can you post skills on eveskillboard.com please, eveboard is toast

(Laco Karolovic) #3


(Bobby Bloodsworth) #4

thanks, how much are you thinking he is worth

(Laco Karolovic) #5

5 bil

(Bobby Bloodsworth) #6

oh, okay, i was thinking less than that, good luck :slight_smile:

(Laco Karolovic) #7

what price you can offer

(Bobby Bloodsworth) #8

for this guy not much, and please don’t take it the wrong way, but it looks like all his skills got plucked and stuff onto missiles, he has no core or real ship skills, so to fix him would cost way to much, and I don’t have the isk or inspiration to fix him…sorry

(Jorunn Jaeger) #9

I offer 3b

(Laco Karolovic) #10

responded in game

(Sofia Artemisa) #11

I have to agree it’s a quite weird set of skills, but I’ll offer 3.5b

(Laco Karolovic) #12

responded in game

(Sofia Artemisa) #13

Replied to the mail.

(Laco Karolovic) #14

Replied, offer accepted.

(Sofia Artemisa) #15

As negotiated ingame I’ll pay 3.8 billion ISK for the character Laco Karolovic. ISK and account data will be sent upon confirmation in this topic.

(Laco Karolovic) #16

I confirm agreement. character sold

(Sofia Artemisa) #17

ISK and account details sent.

(Laco Karolovic) #18

ISK received, character transfered.

(system) #19

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