WTS 5mill sp Alpha starter (SOLD)

(Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange) #1


PW 1234

5mil sp
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in Jita 4-4
1 remap (currently set to Int/Mem)
+3 implants

Min bid 3.5 bil

(Veldspar Rens) #3

3b isk ready now

(Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange) #4


(Kamel Fera) #5

3.2 bo

(Talon White) #6

3.5 and we’re good to go

(Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange) #7

Talon White

Your offer of 3.5 billion isk is accepted. please send an ingame mail along with payment

All character bazaar rules apply etc etc

(Talon White) #8

Thanks for your mail. All good. Once if you could drop an up-to-date eveboard link (the key’s expired) we’re ready to roll.

Thanks again…

(Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange) #9


(Talon White) #10

Excellent, ty.

Isk and details sent.

(Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange) #11

Transfer initiated…enjoy

(Talon White) #12

Character Transfer Received

Dear XXXX,

Another player is transferring the character Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange to your account named XXXX.

Perfect & ty. Excellent service and good comms. Have a great day.

(system) #13

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