WTS 5mill sp Alpha starter (SOLD)


PW 1234

5mil sp
positive wallet
no kill rights
located in Jita 4-4
1 remap (currently set to Int/Mem)
+3 implants

Min bid 3.5 bil

3b isk ready now


3.2 bo

3.5 and we’re good to go

Talon White

Your offer of 3.5 billion isk is accepted. please send an ingame mail along with payment

All character bazaar rules apply etc etc

Thanks for your mail. All good. Once if you could drop an up-to-date eveboard link (the key’s expired) we’re ready to roll.

Thanks again…


Excellent, ty.

Isk and details sent.

Transfer initiated…enjoy

Character Transfer Received

Dear XXXX,

Another player is transferring the character Lady Mesmerelda LeStrange to your account named XXXX.

Perfect & ty. Excellent service and good comms. Have a great day.

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