WTS 5m SP starter

This character has reached the limit of its alpha account. Hopefully someone can take her further.

In Perimeter.
No Killrights
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
3 total Remaps


MB 4 Billion

i’ll offer you 3b to take her off you :smiley: isk ready

Offering 3.5b

3.6b to top that

Thanks for the bids, still hoping for a bit more. I will likely take the highest bid tomorrow night at about this time. Thanks again

Offer 4.0 Bil


4.25 bil offer

Accepted, please send Isk and acct info, and i will transfer as soon as i get home from work. Thank you.

Isk and acct info sent.


Isk and acct info recieved, Character transferred. You should have a transfer mail from ccp shortly. Thanks

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