WTS 5MN Abyssal MWD - Sweet roll, perfect for alliance tournament frigate - lowest sig modifier available


That sig radius is something serious

Taking offers, will accept respectable B/O

Still available - check that sig radius modifier, nothing that low available currently

Still available

Still available

Thinking of getting that special someone a gift for Christmas? Why not get them this bitchin MWD, perfect for any frigate or destroyer sized vessel.

Still available

Currently on contacts for 3bil b/o

Oh :boy:, 3 b for a tiny chance of burn away of gate camp

I have no idea what you’re talking about sorry.

Still available.

Still available, 1 day left on the auction

Best sig available

Still available

This is still available, currently on contracts for 2.5bil.

STILL the best sig modifier available for a 5mn MWD in eve.

Still available

You still selling?

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