WTS 6.19 M SP Minmatar Toon

Iniko Kano
6.190 M SP with 1.29 M Unallocated

No Kill Rights
Located in Embod
Neural Remap Avail Now + 2 Bonus Remaps
5B Min Bid and 5.5 B ISK OBO


24hr Bump

3b here

Hi Trgovac, I am going to pass on that but thank you!

3.1b is also fine for me


4b, isk ready

Looking for min 5B and buy out at 5.5B thank you

Daily Bump

5 bil

Thanks, Xaos. Transfer the 5B ISK to this character if you still want it and I will pay for the character transfer. Don’t forget to post here or email this character the name of the account you want it transferred to.

isk and acc info sent

ISK Received and character transferred.

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