WTS - 6.4m SP Frigate Starter Toon

SP - 6,383,373
Location - Jita (Can move to HS or LS)
No Jump Clones
No Kill Rights
Zero ISK Balance
Security Stataus: 1.1
Neural Remap Available: Now
Bonus Remaps Available: 1
Skins - 6 (None to mention)
In NPC corp ready

4b :slightly_smiling_face:

Will take 5b, proceeds used to pew, ready to go now.

Bumpidy bumpy

4.25 b b/o

4.5b b/o


Happy to transfer now for 5b, first to reply gets, if first send ISK and account details for transfer.

@ ockackies - you can take it for 5b if you like… B/O was removed/changed so I am good.

Only B/O specified by me was 5b, sorry for any confusion.

Old Offer withdrawn. Sorted with a diff character.

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5b offer

I accept, send ISK and account details to this toon o7

Isk and account info sent

Will start transfer now o7

Character received thank you much

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