WTS 6.4m SP toon with 6m in Drones


Has 6.4m SP with 6.0 in Drone skills
+3 implants
3 remaps (2 bonus, 1 yearly)
No Kill rights, Has positive status, positive wallet
Hasn’t done the tutorials so can get that extra free SP

Starting @ 3.5b
B/O 5b
Will run for a week - not an actively used toon so don’t eve mail

no WTB


Whoops, yeha WTS not WTB sorry, updated

3.7 bil


I’ll accept that. Send isk through please

3.8 isk ready

Will accept, Immeral hasn’t sent through yet.

isk and info sent


22 Oct 2018 07:10

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

MasterCard *

Account Information

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all done. thank you :kissing_heart:

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