WTS 19.5 mil sp Ish Drone beast character online now

WTS 19.5 mil sp Ish Drone beast character
Massive drone skills
Located in HS.
Positive wallet.
no remaps available.
with +4s
Online fast transfer
Paying transfer
10 bil start bid
b/o Make me an offer

you need to set the character up on https://eveskillboard.com/ and post the link to it to prove the skills.

11b ready now

hi there thanks for the good offer but going to need a bit more than that

Please any and all offers here I cant accept order in game

12.5 bill offer is good for 2 days

could you meet me at 15 bil

I’ll go 13.5 but that’s it.

15 Bil

hmm hmmm

take 15 bil now for him

accept Leshi Uchonela offer if 15bill b/o message me in game to start transfer

isk received please message the account you want it to go on

account sent in game mail

received logged off starting transfer

all done character sent
thanks all the best

says Will be completed after: 11/17/2018 7:37:21 AM

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