WTS 6.5M SP Caldari Enforcer ---- SOLD

currently in NPC Corp Science and Trade Institute at Akiainavas III-1

-wallet = 455 ISK

-skill list at Quantum Anomaly

-T2 Heavy & Heavy Assualt Missiles

-can fly Drake & Gila

-no kill rights, no jump clone, 43 ship skins

-No Augments

-Standings: Security 2.0; Amar 1.43; Caldari 2.03; Minmatar -2.04; Gallente -5.06

Asking 4B

4b b/o…

send the isk and eve mail with account info and I’ll start the transfer

ISK and account have been sent

stand by

isk received, character transfer started, you should have access in about 10hr - fly safe