WTS 7.1M sp Caldari Transport / Interceptor / Indy Cyno pilot

WTS 7.1M sp Caldari Pilot - 6b

  • Caldari Frigates 5 and Interceptor 4
  • Tech2 Light Missiles and Small Hybrid weapons
  • Caldari Industrial 5 and Transports 4 (Blockade Runner/DST)
  • Cloaking Device 4 and MJD 4
  • Cynosural Field Theory 4
  • Infomorph Psychology and Infomorph Synchronizing 4
  • Cybernetics 3
  • 50,000 unallocated SP

CCP Requirements

  • No faction standings changes
  • No kill rights
  • Positive wallet


Up to the top

ill B/O for 6B

Offer accepted Lirael Erata, awaiting transfer of ISK

Isk/account name sent

ISK received and toon has been transferred, 10-hour character wait-out is in progress.

Thanks, fly dangerous!

Thanks, got the email :slight_smile:

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