WTS 6,5m sp toon

(The Final Pilot) #1

Im up for sale:


Shoot :slight_smile:

(necocat Meow) #2

4.75Bill ready now

(The Final Pilot) #3

looking for a tiny bit more :slight_smile:

(Garsk Arran) #4

5 b/o

(The Final Pilot) #5

Make it 5,5b and we have a deal! :slight_smile:

(necocat Meow) #6

5.2bill ill do.

(The Final Pilot) #7

Send isk and info and we do this at 5,2b

(necocat Meow) #8

sent deets and isk

(The Final Pilot) #9

Alright, I just woke Up now and Gotta go to Work, so it Will bedste like 8 hours before I can start the transfer

(necocat Meow) #10

No problem mate

(The Final Pilot) #11

Transfer startet, you should get a mail soon! enjoy

(necocat Meow) #12

got confirmation. cheers

(system) #13

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