WTS 62.6M SP Avatar/Erebus/Rev/Deemer Toon - SOLD

EveSkillBoard: LamoMater
Password: 1234

  • Wallet Balance: Positive
  • Kill Rights: None
  • Location: High Sec
  • Sec Status: Negative
  • Amarr Frig/Cruiser/Destroyer/Battleship/Dread/Titan 5
  • Big Boom Boom Capital Energy Turret 5
  • Capital Hybrids 5
  • DDs 5

B/O 65B

All CCP rules apply
Transfer will be done by support ticket

65 bo

Accepted, will begin transfer process once info/isk recieved

ISK and account info are sent to LamoMater

Isk Received and Transfer with PLEX ticket entered. Enjoy!

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