WTS 63.7 (1.6m unallocated) juiced Nyx/Hel/Vendetta character


Pretty much perfect for flying a nyx, hel or vendetta.

Nyx skins activated: Eros Blossom, Glittering Dream, Police
Hel skins activated: Hunter’s Quiver.

Comes with ascendancies

CCP rules apply, positive wallet blah blah. Transfer will probably be done with plex.

I will entertain offers over 60b. Please don’t mail me in-game as I won’t be logging this character in. If you want to be annoying you can send me an offer on discord: Pantheon#2075. Thanks.

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if your account has just 30-40m skill points it will sell quickly.
Just like me.many people like me want a supercarrier account only. We don’t need other skills. A standard hel/nxy or both and some t2 equipment and t1 or t2 heavy fri is enough.it might be 30-40m.
However these account have been sold quickly. And your account sell slowly because of higher price.
So i think that maybe you can extract your skill points to sell. And leave 30m± skills to sell. It will gain the isk faster.
I calculate that if 70m extract to 30m
. You will gain 80×0.45b(after tax)=36b at least. And your account with 30m also can be sold 32b at least. After that you will gain 68b at least in all.
Although you will lose 2b , it will be better than u can’t sell these account, wasn’t it?
This is my opinion. Maybe you can concern about it. And I’m waiting for your reply.


Hey, thanks for the advice. This character is purposed for a Vendetta however, and I doubt someone in one would be running around in a t2 fit with t1 fighters. If this was just a nyx character I would totally understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for the interest though!

Thanks for the offer homie, I’ll keep it in mind if I don’t get any other offers.