WTS 64.5m SP char - Lowered BO to 45b only 24 hours


43b,or 40b without cap sp


The Best Black Friday deal

Matching the lowest buyout you’ve seen :
old buyout: 70b
new buyout: 60b (save 10b)


45b offer

thank you for offer



Lowered BO to 45b, only for 24 hours from now, first come first served.

40b b/o while i am online !

43 and it’s yours

41b and I have isk and am online

42, and i’m ready for transfer)

42b will do transfer immediately ! ! ! !

Accepted Dana Kondur offer, waiting for isk and account name

i will be offline for 7 hours, so please transfer the isk, and when i will go back online, i will start character transfer.

Dana_Kondur offer is rejected,no isk received.

Character is Back For Sale. 24 hours, 45b BO

My offer of 41b isk still stands. I am at work and wouldn’t be able to send money for ~14 hours but my offer is still there if you want it

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